May 9, 2011

Spring Strawberries

Every spring around this time, the produce stand on North Livermore Road opens.  They sell a few other vegetables and fruits, but mainly, they grow strawberries, and during the harvest, the whole area smells heavenly.  The produce stand is along one of our main bicycling routes, and after a couple days of smelling the berries while out on our bikes, we had strawberries on the brain.  I thought a few times about buying some while out on a ride, but there was the problem of where to put them on a bicycle (as Josh said, I'd probably have strawberry jam by the time I got home!).  So, last week, we finally hopped in the car and drove on over, and bought ourselves a flat of strawberries (what can I say, we're strawberry fiends!).  They were some of the most delicious strawberries on earth-- there's nothing like the buttery goodness of freshly picked, naturally ripened strawberries.  They almost melt in your mouth, and are so juicy that napkins are a must.

So, here's to spring, when the days are the perfect mix of warmth and briskness, and the berries are deliciously sweet!

Happy Monday!

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