May 23, 2011

Adventure Camera - Tahoe Sunset

Lately, I've had Lake Tahoe on my mind.  With an amazing engagement shoot on the west shore just recently, several upcoming weddings around the area, and planning our own vacation paddling the lake, Lake Tahoe's been hard to escape.  (Though why you'd really want to escape it, I'm not sure!)  One of the couples getting married up in the mountains will be saying their vows right on the beach at sunset-- truly romantic!

This reminded me of another Tahoe sunset right around the same area.  Josh and I had gone up to the lake for a ski vacation, and happened to be in South Lake Tahoe just as the sun started setting.  As Josh drove us to the beach and found parking, I had my camera at the ready.  We headed across the snow-covered beach to capture one of the most gorgeous Sierra sunsets I've seen.

Shea and Gus, this one is for you-- I hope your sunset is just as gorgeous, though without the snow!

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