May 25, 2011

Adventure Camera - Tomales Bay

Josh and I don't take "normal" vacations.  Most people head off on vacation to relax.  We head off on vacation for an adventure.  Our honeymoon, for example, was a series of backpacks and camping in our truck.  This summer's vacation will be paddling the entire 72 miles around Lake Tahoe.  Since we've only taken day trips in our kayaks, we figured it would be a good idea to try camping with the boats before we embark on a four-day excursion, so we headed on over to Tomales Bay for a quick overnight trip.  We paddled out in some of the windiest conditions ever, and camped right on the beach, just above the high-tide line.  We had great views from the campsite, especially at sunrise...

Overall, it was a great trip at one of my favorite places in the Bay Area, and I can't wait to paddle Tahoe!

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