May 3, 2011

Adventure Camera - Kayaking Corkscrew Slough

Josh and I have a list of places we want to kayak.  Josh being Josh, this list is held in a spreadsheet, and we find new places and routes to add to the list with every trip we take.  One of the places that's been on that list for quite a while is Corkscrew Slough, near Redwood Shores.  It's an interesting place-- a juxtaposition of nature and civilization.  The islands that the sloughs slice through are actually reclaimed salt ponds, and in many places, you'll be paddling in the midst of harbor seals and birds and reeds, but can still see the giant LCD billboards lining Interstate 101.  It's pupping season, so many of the seals had tiny pups swimming along side of them.  Incredibly cute, but you wouldn't believe some of the noises they make when they want something!

At one point during our paddle, we looked across the bay and saw these very square-like boats that seemed to be moving much too fast.  We watched them for a few minutes, wondering what type of boats they could be.... until we realized that they were cars driving across the San Mateo Bridge.  Seeing the world literally from sea level definitely gives you a different perspective on things, and always makes us feel very small.

Have a wonderful day!

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