May 6, 2011

Diamonds + Coals - Haircuts

As much as I would love to believe that I am the type of girl who can get up every morning and blow dry and style her hair, I'm not.  My style is really low-maintenance, as far as my hair is concerned.  Every so often, though, I decide to delude myself, and head over to my stylist with visions of high-fashion hair in my head.  I get a tres-chic cut, and manage to style it for about two weeks.  Then it sort of falls by the wayside, and I spend months figuring out how to manage it until it grows out.  My last experiment with high-maintenance hair finally grew out, and I went in for a nice, low-maintenance, no-blow-dryer-necessary trim this week.  Love it.

Diamonds to....
- Haircuts.  A trip to the salon is sort of like a trip to the spa for me (love the head massage!), and walking out with new hair puts a definite spring in your step.
- Finding your signature haircut.  A great cut makes you feel great.  Every day.

Coals to....
- Growing that experimental cut out.  It's fun for a little while, but then it gets old.  Oops.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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