September 14, 2011

Rosa + Raudel - Livermore Wedding

It was a toasty August morning in Livermore as Rosa and her bridesmaids dressed and put the final touches on their hair and makeup.  The hotel suite was abustle with a dozen girls, and suddenly, they were running late.  As the driver hurried the limousine to the church, Rosa called Raudel to say she was on her way.  When they reached Saint Michael's, Rosa and the girls jumped out of the car and right into line for the processional.  Raudel's parents walked him down the aisle to start the ceremony, and a smile of joyous anticipation curled on his lips.  His love was here, and he was about to be reunited with her after a very busy morning apart.  A few minutes later, as Rosa walked down the aisle, she saw only Raudel, waiting at the altar for her.  Throughout their ceremony and the rest of the day, they sneaked little glances at each other and smiled, happy to be by each other's side and celebrating the start of their new life together.

From her shimmering champagne-pink heels to her rhinestone-trimmed garter, Rosa sparkled on her Big Day.

A special thanks to Jaymee Govia of JTGlamour for Rosa's beautifully romantic hair and makeup.

I love Raudel's reaction to seeing Rosa for the first time walking down the aisle!

Saint Michael's Church was the perfect setting for Rosa and Raudel's Spanish Catholic ceremony.

I don't usually post formal portraits, but with lighting like this, I simply couldn't resist...

After their ceremony, Rosa and Raudel allowed three hours for a photo shoot with their bridal party around Livermore before heading to the reception.  Love it!  We started the shoot at one of my favorite Livermore landmarks, the Duarte Highway Garage museum.

Josh captured this happy little moment between the newlyweds.

When I posted Rosa and Raudel's sneak peek a while back, I had trouble deciding between two of my favorite images... Here's the second one-- I just looooove how the wind caught Rosa's veil at just the right moment!

Next, we headed to downtown for a walking tour down First Street.  Our first stop was the regal Independent building.

Then onto Valley Furniture... Rosa and Raudel's bridal party was a ton of fun and I loved their style!

 I loved that Rosa and Raudel held hands throughout most of the shoot... Adorable!

A favorite ring shot...

Rosa and Raudel's reception was a HUGE celebration, full of love, laughter, and lots of dancing.  Before the dance floor got busy, however, they shared their first dance.

And an image of pure happiness to finish...

Rosa and Raudel, you're an amazing couple, and are surrounded by so much love!  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your celebration, and I wish you nothing but the best!  Love and happiness... Erin

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  1. Thank you very much for your amazing work. We couldn't have chosen a better photographer for our big day :)